New Moon in Pisces Sunday, March 10th 2024 5:00am ET

The new moon in Pisces will certainly be a magical one for us all. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and is a composite of all the other signs starting with Aries and ending with Pisces. It’s a sign that is super intuitive and otherworldly. It crosses the time/space barrier and has a way for us to look at what life must look life from spirit’s all-knowing, all-seeing, all-feeling multifaced perspective.

Pisces energy certainly has us feeling “under the influence” and that’s the intent. It distracts us from our current reality so that we can dream of something new that aligns with our higher self. For those of us that are super logical, this energy can be disturbing as it blurs the lines. The logical mind gets foggy pushing us to be more in touch with our feeling, intuitive self that has no boundaries, makes no divisions between humans and embodies unconditional love.

And alas, this new moon really may have us tripping.  Four, count ‘em four planets are in Pisces! Good news, Saturn is in the mix to keep us grounded. In fact, Saturn along with the Sun, moon and Neptune in Pisces allow us to dream and bring that dream to life on the earth plane. Are you ready to open your mind up again to possibilities that you’ve lost in the last few years? Well, the time to get re-inspired is now! Pisces energy knows no limits.

We still have 2 planets in Aquarius and 2 planets in Taurus that are butting heads, but the squaring aspect actually can keep things nicely in check as well. How can you bring your creative genius ideas (Aquarius) into the earth plane (Taurus)? Capture your flashes of insights and put a plan together to start bringing them to life.

And one final note on this new moon. It’s occurring while the north node is still in Aries and the south node is in Libra. Part of this process of bringing dreams to life will be the ability to work with others (Libra) and pioneer (Aries) new solutions.

Happy New Moon