New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, Thursday April 20th, 12:12 am ET

Wait, didn’t we just have a new moon in Aries not too long ago? Yes, we did. You aren’t dreaming. Every once in a while, 2 new moons occur in the same sign within a month’s time. The first new moon in Aries was on March 21st.

This continuing theme of all things Aries can’t be ignored. How are you progressing in the area of self-discovery? Have you been able to discover a new self and start taking action aligned with that new identity?

Oh, and not only is this new moon a second new moon in Aries, it’s also taking place during the solar eclipse! A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets between the earth and the sun and blocks the light of the sun. The moon represents emotion and the sun represents identity.  Symbolically this is a powerful time to get in touch with your identity that is more connected with your emotional body and not per previous labels from yourself or others.

Optimism is high during this new moon with the planet of luck, Jupiter, also in Aries. There is a sense that we truly want to move into our new selves, even without all the answers.

Pluto is now in Aquarius and this power planet in the sign of freedom signals true self-liberation over the next 20 years. This energy pairs nicely with the Aries new moon theme. Aquarius and Aries both focus on individuality, Aries more in isolation and Aquarius in the context of a group. In either case there is a focus on cultivation & honoring of self, first.

The only thing that might get in our way (with Mars now in Cancer) is the pressure to conform and play it safe. Be ok with experimenting with different versions of yourself during the coming months, being willing to diverge from the expectations of others.

Key takeaway: Find yourself, be yourself, and boldly jump into the unknown, not caring who is looking.

 Happy New Moon!

Full Moon in Libra, Thursday, April 6th, 12:34 am ET

The Libra moon is all about balance and proportion and when it counters the Aries sun as it does during the full moon, it’s all about keeping the scales of our lives in balance in relation to all things. But what are we trying to keep in balance? It’s a sense of self (Aries) and honoring self within our relationships (Libra).

Honoring ourself in relationships is not an easy thing however, and what this full moon teaches us is that we need to start with owning our self-worth. Several planets are in Taurus the sign of value and worth. Have you uncovered your gifts and surfaced your talents in a way that gives you a solid sense of who you are? Are you able to list the 5 top gifts that you bring the world. If not, start there.

Part of the message here is then to communicate this worth to yourself and others on a consistent basis until it sinks in. A good practice to start during this full moon is a daily affirmation that claims the value that you bring to humanity. Speak these affirmations with strong emotions and from the heart so you can viscerally shift things in your reality.

The full moon also makes significant aspects to Chiron allowing all of us to embrace our value aside from deep parenting wounds that we might still carry within us. It’s ok to have baggage, claim the baggage (no pun intended) and still conduct ourselves in ways where we hold ourselves in high regard despite it. Show up for yourself despite the wounds of early childhood conditioning.

And if you haven’t heard Pluto moved into Aquarius recently, the sign of community. If you haven’t found your community, now is the time to seek it out and find a place that values you.

Key takeaway: Know your worth in a solid way, then connect out with others who are in a similar space. Those are the relationships that you want.

Happy Full Moon!

New Moon in Aries, Tuesday March 21st, 1:23 pm ET

Aries season begins when the Sun enters Aries officially on Monday March 20th and it’s officially what astrologers recognize as the true start of the year. Forget what you were thinking back on January 1st, this is the energy of truly new beginnings and it’s time to start afresh.

The new moon in Aries the very next day on Tuesday underscores this need to start anew and to do something bold, daring and maybe even a bit “risky”. Aries is about honoring the self and it’s time to focus on self in an effort to start something new for yourself.

With this new Aries energy, we are pulling out of a long month of Pisces dreaminess and in some cases fogginess. We are awakening from a dream and we are ready to take action. What action will you take to initiate something new in your life?

Pluto in the last degree of Capricorn makes a very significant aspect to the nodes during this new moon and also shows a theme of liberation from restrictions of society. There is something about finding your own value and marching to the beat of your own drum. Take a little time to think about the value you bring to the world, let that marinate during this new moon, then take action in alignment with that value, even if it’s a messy first step.

The pressure to change will be great around this time as there are several squaring aspects between the planets and points during the new moon. Allow yourself to make adjustments, get out of any rut you’ve been in and just move forward, even if you feel wounded.

Speaking of Aries energy, Jupiter and Chiron have been hanging out in Aries the last year and so you likely have a strong indicator of areas in your life where you need to take action.

Key takeaway: Be brave, be bold, harness the energy with in you and try something new in alignment with something that surfaces.

Happy New Moon!

New Moon in Pisces, Monday, February 20th, 2:06 am ET

If new moons are a great time for release then a Pisces new moon is one of the biggest times for release as we prepare to renew. Pisces is the sign most commonly associated with endings before we start afresh. It’s also the sign most connected with the divine.

This new moon happens in the 1st degree of Pisces only a couple of days after the sun moves into Pisces officially marking the start of Pisces season. It’s also conjunct Saturn and so there is a bit of seriousness and sobriety to the tone, but also one of beautiful stillness. Allow yourself to be reflective during this time. Be still and allow some quiet time for letting go.

Joining the sun and moon in Pisces is Venus in the last degree of Pisces sextile to Pluto and still conjunct to Neptune, also in Pisces. It’s a Pisces party for sure and all things Pisces are in focus – dreams, spirituality, empathy, and the like.

Personal internal drives might be very hard to figure out at the time of this new moon. We will need to be looking for the higher purpose in things, connecting more with collective consciousness and less with our egos. Look beyond yourself and reach for the higher self that is you.

As you sit in this new moon energy you may find that random thoughts are triggered. Allow the shocking thoughts to happen but also look for the flash of insight that leads to a breakthrough. These thoughts are likely to be significant – so capture them somehow.

Ultimately Pisces is the sign connected with unconditional love. Let me emphasize UNCONDITIONAL, no conditions. If you’ve been looking for a reset, this is a great one. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone else in the mix.

Key takeaway: Allow the energy of the new moon to release anything trapped in your emotional body. By allowing yourself this release, you allow rejuvenation.

Happy New Moon!

Full Moon in Virgo, Tuesday March 7th, 7:40 am ET

As you’ve probably heard me say before, full moons are times of culmination when something shows up and we are enlightened in some way. This full moon in particular has the potential to bring magic into our everyday lives. It’s a Virgo full moon after all, and Virgo is all about practicality and usefulness.

Pisces energy is strong during the full moon with the Sun, mercury and Neptune all in Pisces and forming a conjunction with each other. Saturn will be joining the Pisces lineup an hour after the exact time of the full moon and adding to this energy as it starts its journey thru that sign for the next few years. It’s all about deep connection with source and being in the flow.

Mars in Gemini instigates a bit during this full moon by squaring the Sun and moon. This will create some tension as we work to integrate the energy and messages of the full moon. Honor the diversity of the perspectives that will come up and allow yourself to shift your mindset. Virgo is perfectionist energy and at its worst it can get stuck in overanalyzing things. I see this square as making sure that doesn’t happen.

Also worth noting is that during the full moon there is a major Aries theme. Jupiter has been in Aries off and on since last year and it completes its final stretch these next couple of months in that sign. At this full moon it is joined by Venus, Chiron and Vesta in Aries. To me this signifies a great opportunity to create a sacred space for yourself as you connect with the divine in your physical form. This is a great time to renew faith and value in yourself and know that you are supported by a benevolent universe in all that you do.

Key takeaway: See how you can bring heaven to earth with this full moon and find comfort in your own skin, knowing that you are a vessel of all that is divine.

Happy Full Moon!