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Full Moon in Cancer, Friday January 6th, 6:08pm ET

Posted by Info Elite on  March 11, 2023
Category: Blog
Full Moon in Cancer, Friday January 6th, 6:08pm ET Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2023 and the first week in January starts off with an exciting full moon in Cancer, the sign of home and tribe. It’s Capricorn season which is all about work, but with a Cancer moon it’s about balancing public life (Capricorn) and private/family life (Cancer). How are you doing in this area? Mercury is still retrograde during the full

Full Moon in Leo, Sunday February 5th, 1:28pm ET

Posted by Info Elite on  February 12, 2023
Category: Blog
The full moon this Sunday in Leo will definitely add flair to the cosmic dance. Aquarius season is well underway and like Aquarius, Leo strives to honor its uniqueness in the crowd. It’s about being seen as special for something that we do. This full moon is at 16 degrees of Leo, so find out where that might be in your chart to see where you might be looking to stand out. During this full

New Moon in Aquarius, Saturday January 21st, 3:53pm ET

Posted by Info Elite on  February 5, 2023
Category: Blog
The week is active with many changes underway. Mercury finally comes out of its retrograde period and a couple of days later the sun enters Aquarius, followed a day later by the new moon in Aquarius. Then on Sunday Uranus, the planet connected with Aquarius finally goes direct after having been retrograde since last summer. Exciting stuff! Aquarius is breakaway energy, and it builds on the foundations of what Capricorn energy has built, innovating what

New Moon in Leo, Thursday July 28th, 1:55 pm ET

Posted by Info Elite on  July 27, 2022
Category: Blog
Leo season is here giving us permission to be bold, authentic and maybe even a little full of ourselves.  Leo is a fire sign and with the new moon in Leo, it’s time to rekindle those areas of your life where things have become dull. Where can you add a bit more pizzazz to your life to awaken the playful side of you? Jupiter in Aries (another fire sign) is pushing us to get out

Full Moon in Taurus 2021

Posted by Info Elite on  November 16, 2021
Category: Blog
  November 19th, 3:57 am ET Full moons are always powerful, but this week’s full moon in Taurus has a special intensity as it’s a partial lunar eclipse. This is part of the last set of eclipses for 2021. The full moon also falls at the tail end of Scorpio season, a time of deep transformation. With the Sun in Scorpio and the full moon in Taurus, we get a glimpse into what change we


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