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Wait, didn’t we just have a new moon in Aries not too long ago? Yes, we did. You aren’t dreaming. Every once in a while, 2 new moons occur in the same sign within a month’s time. The first new moon in Aries was on March 21st. This continuing theme
The Libra moon is all about balance and proportion and when it counters the Aries sun as it does during the full moon, it’s all about keeping the scales of our lives in balance in relation to all things. But what are we trying to keep in balance? It’s a
Aries season begins when the Sun enters Aries officially on Monday March 20th and it’s officially what astrologers recognize as the true start of the year. Forget what you were thinking back on January 1st, this is the energy of truly new beginnings and it’s time to start afresh. The
If new moons are a great time for release then a Pisces new moon is one of the biggest times for release as we prepare to renew. Pisces is the sign most commonly associated with endings before we start afresh. It’s also the sign most connected with the divine. This
As you’ve probably heard me say before, full moons are times of culmination when something shows up and we are enlightened in some way. This full moon in particular has the potential to bring magic into our everyday lives. It’s a Virgo full moon after all, and Virgo is all


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