Full Moon in Taurus 2021


November 19th, 3:57 am ET
Full moons are always powerful, but this week’s full moon in Taurus has a special intensity as it’s a partial lunar eclipse. This is part of the last set of eclipses for 2021. The full moon also falls at the tail end of Scorpio season, a time of deep transformation.
With the Sun in Scorpio and the full moon in Taurus, we get a glimpse into what change we will see in December when the nodes of the moon change from Gemini and Sagittarius to Taurus and Scorpio. The Scorpio/Taurus axis is all about physical vs. psychological and the difference between what is mine alone and what I share with someone else.
Whereas Scorpio can be super deep and transformative, Taurus energy is very simplistic and grounding. Taurus resonates with Mother Earth and the 5 senses. There is a sense of practicality in the Taurus moon too that helps to anchor our spiritual selves in the physical plane.
We have a lot of active aspects during this full moon as well. Mercury in Scorpio is conjunct the Sun. Secret messages and downloads will likely surface. Lots of synergies are in the chart too with Pluto and Neptune making very supportive aspects. There’s a theme of transcendence and transformation that is ripe and ready for us if we are open to it.
The ongoing theme of the fixed squares between Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio continues as Jupiter squares the Sun and Moon during this event. Squares create tension for change and with Jupiter in the mix, it might be pushing us to expand without going overboard. It’s a great chance to balance the need for your individuality (Aquarius) with your physical (Taurus) and psychological (Scorpio) needs. Embody the full you!
Happy Full Moon!!

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