Full Moon in Virgo, Tuesday March 7th, 7:40 am ET

As you’ve probably heard me say before, full moons are times of culmination when something shows up and we are enlightened in some way. This full moon in particular has the potential to bring magic into our everyday lives. It’s a Virgo full moon after all, and Virgo is all about practicality and usefulness.

Pisces energy is strong during the full moon with the Sun, mercury and Neptune all in Pisces and forming a conjunction with each other. Saturn will be joining the Pisces lineup an hour after the exact time of the full moon and adding to this energy as it starts its journey thru that sign for the next few years. It’s all about deep connection with source and being in the flow.

Mars in Gemini instigates a bit during this full moon by squaring the Sun and moon. This will create some tension as we work to integrate the energy and messages of the full moon. Honor the diversity of the perspectives that will come up and allow yourself to shift your mindset. Virgo is perfectionist energy and at its worst it can get stuck in overanalyzing things. I see this square as making sure that doesn’t happen.

Also worth noting is that during the full moon there is a major Aries theme. Jupiter has been in Aries off and on since last year and it completes its final stretch these next couple of months in that sign. At this full moon it is joined by Venus, Chiron and Vesta in Aries. To me this signifies a great opportunity to create a sacred space for yourself as you connect with the divine in your physical form. This is a great time to renew faith and value in yourself and know that you are supported by a benevolent universe in all that you do.

Key takeaway: See how you can bring heaven to earth with this full moon and find comfort in your own skin, knowing that you are a vessel of all that is divine.

Happy Full Moon!

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