New Moon in Aquarius, Saturday January 21st, 3:53pm ET

The week is active with many changes underway. Mercury finally comes out of its retrograde period and a couple of days later the sun enters Aquarius, followed a day later by the new moon in Aquarius. Then on Sunday Uranus, the planet connected with Aquarius finally goes direct after having been retrograde since last summer. Exciting stuff!

Aquarius is breakaway energy, and it builds on the foundations of what Capricorn energy has built, innovating what is in place or shattering what is in place to put it together in a new way. Whereas Capricorn is a bit of a loner and works on things best alone, Aquarius is all about the team and working within a collective of like-minded people. Not just any ole group of people, but like-minded.

This new moon encourages us to start afresh and look at areas in our life where we can innovate, breakaway from, or use the collective energy of the team to help us reach our goals. Saturn is conjunct Venus in Aquarius during the new moon, further emphasizing that we get serious about Aquarius themes – honoring our individuality within a larger team.

If you haven’t done the work to figure out what you bring to the table in all your uniqueness (on your own) it’s best to do that work first before you become part of a larger effort. Find your strengths and uniqueness first and then find and organization where you can contribute accordingly.

Jupiter in Aries asks us to honor ourselves, and that is where we will get the most benefit until it enters Taurus in May. Like Aquarius, Aries honors its uniqueness (although in a bit of a different way). You may have to do some self-discovery before you do something amazing for the greater good, but it’s worth getting this right first.

Happy New Moon!

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