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Astrologer D. Haskins presents insightful readings and celestial observations utilizing his vast knowledge of astrology. His readings are thoroughly enjoyable and insightful. I highly recommend them.

— Nancy Lombardo host of “WHATS THE BUZZ NY “BLOG TALK RADIO

“Dave was amazing and absolutely spot on! “

“Dave was amazing and absolutely spot on! He helped me realize that a lot of the feelings I have been having lately all make sense, and helped guide me on what I should take action on. I recently made a pretty bold move with my life, and the reading I had with Dave was a contributing factor in helping me make a much-needed change.”

— Maria C.

“His expertise on the subject is exceptional! I highly recommend booking a reading.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed my chart reading with Dave! Getting to know myself based on the planets in my birth chart allowed me to gain insight into myself, my personality, and my habits, while also delighting in laughs along the way. His expertise on the subject is exceptional! I highly recommend booking a reading.”

— Clara P.

“It is very obvious that he is a legitimate authority in this field.”

“If you think you know yourself, think again. Dave can bring out what you DON’T know about yourself, break down what you DO know about yourself, and then some… in a way that is kind, non-judgmental, and all-inclusive.

He is one of the best, if not the best, astrologer coaches I’ve encountered. Truly unique, Dave is a whiz at not only sharing his knowledge about planetary placements, but he is also really good at connecting the dots, articulating and explaining why you are, who you are as you both look into your past experiences, your present situation and anticipate the potential of how the future will play out.

I came into Dave’s session with an empty cup, and although I can confidently say that I have had readings with different people, astrologers included, and well-versed in numerous new age and astrological concepts, I was still blown away by how Dave shed light into areas of me that I never knew existed! It is very obvious that he is a legitimate authority in this field.

I highly recommend Dave as he sure knows how to break things down in a digestible and practical way.

I ’ve learned so much about myself and I am very grateful for Dave for coming through for me. After the session, I felt at peace and in the present moment and just about accepting and ready for what the future can bring. Thanks, Dave! You will now be part of my history as a person and you most definitely will be part of my future, till my next session please!”

— Kirsten C.

“This is by far the most comprehensive and insightful life trajectory map that I have ever experienced. “

“This is by far the most comprehensive and insightful life trajectory map that I have ever experienced. Dave Haskins is an absolute expert in his field. He offers an outstanding summation of your unique qualities, life pivots, defining themes and terrain of potential challenges. When we are gifted with an hour of profound wisdom, it is up to us to then decide what truly resonates – I have found Dave Haskin’s work to be nothing short of amazing and I highly recommend his expertise, insight and wisdom.”

— Kristin Mackey, author, artist for KMack LLC., FranklinCovey

“The time spent with Dave was beneficial! “

“I have known Dave for over 5 years and, I can honestly say; he is kind and willing to help others. When he mentioned his new endeavor; I was intrigued because I knew his character. I have never shared much about my personal life with Dave, however; he was able to share a lot about my personal life during my chart reading. There has been a major shift in my life in 2020. Dave was able to confirm and explain that shift. Through his chart reading, I learned the purpose of the shift and it confirmed my life trajectory is heading in an impactful direction. The time spent with Dave was beneficial! Thank you, Dave!”

— Nikki B.

“I Left with a Real Action Plan”

“David did an excellent job explaining my astrology! I had my own preconceived ideas about who I thought I was and David’s reading not only reinforced the things that I knew, but gave me insight to the “why” and guidance on what I should be focusing on. I left with a real action plan around things that have been on my mind. “

— Pam F.

“Dave’s grace and kindness bring peace”

“Dave’s skills in providing insight and understanding in his evolutionary astrology readings are wonderful. He creates a safe and empowering space for his clients to re-ground themselves in their unique life path, bringing his wisdom and years of experience to heighten his client’s self-awareness. In these turbulent times, Dave’s grace and kindness bring peace and perception to his clients, helping them move forward with confidence.”

— Suzi S.

“A True Enlightening Experience”

“Dave’s insights into my natal chart and the way he synthesized the planetary energies were on point. He awakened in me a new perspective and brought about clarity to areas of my life where I had felt confusion. It was as if he was speaking to me directly from my soul. A truly enlightening experience. Anyone seeking to learn more about themselves will benefit greatly from the guidance offered by Dave in an astrology session.”

— Geralyn B.


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