Full Moon in Cancer, Friday January 6th, 6:08pm ET

Full Moon in Cancer, Friday January 6th, 6:08pm ET

Happy New Year! We’ve made it to 2023 and the first week in January starts off with an exciting full moon in Cancer, the sign of home and tribe. It’s Capricorn season which is all about work, but with a Cancer moon it’s about balancing public life (Capricorn) and private/family life (Cancer). How are you doing in this area?

Mercury is still retrograde during the full moon, asking us to seriously consider the work/life balance we are creating or not creating. Have you become a workaholic and you’re not tending to the domestic scene, or have you become too much of a homebody and are not getting out into public life to find your way? This full moon event highlights this polarity asking us to think of new ways to balance our lives as we dive into the new year. Be willing to do the work now before we get to far down the road.

Venus just moved into Aquarius this week and Aquarius holds the key to how we might go about doing this. Aquarius is all about innovation and breaking the mold. Are you willing to try something seemingly random and different to break out of your old ways? It’s worth the effort during this time.

With Mercury and Mars still in retrograde until the coming weeks, it’s ok to sit with these ideas for now, but start making plans, as by the end of the month, action will be the name of the game.

And by the way, it’s ok if you feel very naked and vulnerable in this process of balancing your life. Chiron in Aries, prompts us to be our own hero even if we don’t quite believe in ourselves. Just being willing to show up and do the work is important at this time. Lean into your vulnerability and address any gaps in your emotional and material wellbeing, so that you can launch into 2023 with a real sense of security and solidness.

Happy Full Moon!


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