New Moon in Aries, Tuesday March 21st, 1:23 pm ET

Aries season begins when the Sun enters Aries officially on Monday March 20th and it’s officially what astrologers recognize as the true start of the year. Forget what you were thinking back on January 1st, this is the energy of truly new beginnings and it’s time to start afresh.

The new moon in Aries the very next day on Tuesday underscores this need to start anew and to do something bold, daring and maybe even a bit “risky”. Aries is about honoring the self and it’s time to focus on self in an effort to start something new for yourself.

With this new Aries energy, we are pulling out of a long month of Pisces dreaminess and in some cases fogginess. We are awakening from a dream and we are ready to take action. What action will you take to initiate something new in your life?

Pluto in the last degree of Capricorn makes a very significant aspect to the nodes during this new moon and also shows a theme of liberation from restrictions of society. There is something about finding your own value and marching to the beat of your own drum. Take a little time to think about the value you bring to the world, let that marinate during this new moon, then take action in alignment with that value, even if it’s a messy first step.

The pressure to change will be great around this time as there are several squaring aspects between the planets and points during the new moon. Allow yourself to make adjustments, get out of any rut you’ve been in and just move forward, even if you feel wounded.

Speaking of Aries energy, Jupiter and Chiron have been hanging out in Aries the last year and so you likely have a strong indicator of areas in your life where you need to take action.

Key takeaway: Be brave, be bold, harness the energy with in you and try something new in alignment with something that surfaces.

Happy New Moon!

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