Full Moon in Libra, Thursday, April 6th, 12:34 am ET

The Libra moon is all about balance and proportion and when it counters the Aries sun as it does during the full moon, it’s all about keeping the scales of our lives in balance in relation to all things. But what are we trying to keep in balance? It’s a sense of self (Aries) and honoring self within our relationships (Libra).

Honoring ourself in relationships is not an easy thing however, and what this full moon teaches us is that we need to start with owning our self-worth. Several planets are in Taurus the sign of value and worth. Have you uncovered your gifts and surfaced your talents in a way that gives you a solid sense of who you are? Are you able to list the 5 top gifts that you bring the world. If not, start there.

Part of the message here is then to communicate this worth to yourself and others on a consistent basis until it sinks in. A good practice to start during this full moon is a daily affirmation that claims the value that you bring to humanity. Speak these affirmations with strong emotions and from the heart so you can viscerally shift things in your reality.

The full moon also makes significant aspects to Chiron allowing all of us to embrace our value aside from deep parenting wounds that we might still carry within us. It’s ok to have baggage, claim the baggage (no pun intended) and still conduct ourselves in ways where we hold ourselves in high regard despite it. Show up for yourself despite the wounds of early childhood conditioning.

And if you haven’t heard Pluto moved into Aquarius recently, the sign of community. If you haven’t found your community, now is the time to seek it out and find a place that values you.

Key takeaway: Know your worth in a solid way, then connect out with others who are in a similar space. Those are the relationships that you want.

Happy Full Moon!

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