New Moon in Cancer

This week’s new moon in Cancer points to family or what we consider “family” in our lives. With any new moon there is an opportunity to release old stuff and plant the seeds for something new. This new moon asks us to strongly reconsider those we call “family” and assess if this “family” really provides the emotional support that we deserve.

Do the current people in our lives make us feel safe, validated and nourished emotionally? Are we looking for support from blood relations that never really had our backs? Uranus (the planet of liberation) is making a very supportive aspect to this new moon, signifying the need to rethink and reframe what we consider “family” in our lives. Use this time to break free from old habits of looking to certain family members for approval or recognition when it just isn’t there.

During this new moon, Pluto (the planet of total transformation) is opposing the moon signally that a total makeover might be in order. Neptune (the planet of transcendence) is also giving us the permission to let go of any old ties with love and forgiveness. You may not know what this new “family” will look like, but I’m sure you have an idea. Maybe it’s a group of great friends, a community or tribe.

The end result of this process is establishing a new soul family (and this could include blood family) that supports your authentic path. In the coming weeks there could be work involved in establishing these new boundaries, but if done right, it can be pivotal to your growth. You are worthy and deserve a great family that is worthy of you!

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