New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries, Thursday April 20th, 12:12 am ET

Wait, didn’t we just have a new moon in Aries not too long ago? Yes, we did. You aren’t dreaming. Every once in a while, 2 new moons occur in the same sign within a month’s time. The first new moon in Aries was on March 21st.

This continuing theme of all things Aries can’t be ignored. How are you progressing in the area of self-discovery? Have you been able to discover a new self and start taking action aligned with that new identity?

Oh, and not only is this new moon a second new moon in Aries, it’s also taking place during the solar eclipse! A solar eclipse happens when the moon gets between the earth and the sun and blocks the light of the sun. The moon represents emotion and the sun represents identity.  Symbolically this is a powerful time to get in touch with your identity that is more connected with your emotional body and not per previous labels from yourself or others.

Optimism is high during this new moon with the planet of luck, Jupiter, also in Aries. There is a sense that we truly want to move into our new selves, even without all the answers.

Pluto is now in Aquarius and this power planet in the sign of freedom signals true self-liberation over the next 20 years. This energy pairs nicely with the Aries new moon theme. Aquarius and Aries both focus on individuality, Aries more in isolation and Aquarius in the context of a group. In either case there is a focus on cultivation & honoring of self, first.

The only thing that might get in our way (with Mars now in Cancer) is the pressure to conform and play it safe. Be ok with experimenting with different versions of yourself during the coming months, being willing to diverge from the expectations of others.

Key takeaway: Find yourself, be yourself, and boldly jump into the unknown, not caring who is looking.

 Happy New Moon!

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