New Moon in Leo, Thursday July 28th, 1:55 pm ET

Leo season is here giving us permission to be bold, authentic and maybe even a little full of ourselves.  Leo is a fire sign and with the new moon in Leo, it’s time to rekindle those areas of your life where things have become dull. Where can you add a bit more pizzazz to your life to awaken the playful side of you? Jupiter in Aries (another fire sign) is pushing us to get out there a bit more in this regard as well.

It’s time to get serious about fun and rediscovering our true sense of self and this is underscored by Pluto opposing the sun and moon during the new moon. It’s time for transforming that outdated sense of self and donning a new you.

There’s lots of emphasis on the nodes during the new moon which can cause some strain. Mars and Uranus conjunct the north node that is in Taurus and squares mercury in Leo and Saturn in Aquarius. This is fixed energy and it doesn’t like to budge when asked to negotiate, but this will be key to success. See how you can integrate your values (Taurus) with your unique voice (Mercury in Leo), while also honoring the collective (Saturn in Aquarius).

Another square during the time of the new moon is Venus in Cancer squaring Chiron and Jupiter in Aries. Aries energy is asking us to look out for ourselves first, but the Cancer energy is causing us to likely hesitate some as we work to integrate things into our sense of value for our tribe.

As with any new moon, it is a time for new beginnings. The tension of the squares may make it a bit tough to navigate, but at the same time it will help us to focus and be deliberate about our choices. Use this time to reconnect with your inner child and see how you can grow it over the coming weeks.

Happy New Moon!

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