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New Moon in Cancer

Posted by Info Elite on  July 7, 2021
Category: Blog
This week’s new moon in Cancer points to family or what we consider “family” in our lives. With any new moon there is an opportunity to release old stuff and plant the seeds for something new. This new moon asks us to strongly reconsider those we call “family” and assess if this “family” really provides the emotional support that we deserve. Do the current people in our lives make us feel safe, validated and nourished

Full Moon in Capricorn

Posted by Info Elite on  June 24, 2021
Category: Blog
The full moon is a time of culmination and illumination. It a powerful time when we bask in the light of the moon and can feel a sense of enlightenment. What comes to light has been in the works since the new moon in Gemini on June 10th. What has your mind been busy processing since then? Since that time, mercury has also been retrograding and we’ve been looking within for many answers. It’s been


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